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By 60+ (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2010 at 15:38:49

No, not 30 or younger, but I've been riding a bike the past few years for the familiar reasons, and increasing my range steadily. Living on the mountain it was handy to have bike racks on buses. I'd pedal downtown and ride the HSR back up the hill. At least I did until a bus driver refused to let me put my bike on the rack one rainy noon-hour. He was concerned the box I've bolted over my bike's rear wheel would fly off, though I assured him it hadn't happened on previous trips, and that it was held by two bolts, and even had the bike inside the bus where he could check its stability for himself.

The HSR assured me in a subsequent phone call that such decisions were within the driver's authority. And that makes sense too . . . I'm sure some home-rigged attachments to bicycles can come off during a bounce over Hamilton roads, but it was pretty clear to me that day that the driver's decision was made because he had the authority to do so, not because he was concerned about the box parting company.

I've not encountered this with other bus drivers. This one was polite enough, but resolute. And his decision did spur me to undertake the challenge of pedalling my bike back up the escarpment, which I now do regularly (thanks!) But as much as I actually enjoy riding public transit I now realize I cannot rely upon the HSR, and won't put myself in a position of dependence on their service again. In Hamilton you always need a backup plan.

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