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By Myrcurial (registered) - website | Posted June 24, 2010 at 12:40:24

I was in on that twitter exchange and despite the fact that I think MP Moore is far more interested in campaign contributions than citizen's votes, I do have to congratulate him for even showing up to the ball.

Of course, he didn't answer my two most important questions:

1/ Is Her Majesty's government going back into the "legislating business practices" business -- is this the East India Copyright?

2/ If all legislation is put together, how does the idea of marital property (dual ownership) go against DRM - my spouse and I are legally REQUIRED to share everything.

Not to mention the simple fact that I'm not going to buy two copies of Coraline so that I can use it on two iPods to keep both my kids shut up for the drive to Grandmas house.

Isn't there something about making a law which immediately makes the vast majority of the citizens into criminals a bad plan?

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