Comment 425

By fastcars (registered) | Posted April 25, 2006 at 01:26:12

Hi Mark

Generally I enjoy the posts here on Raise The Hammer--even if many (often, most) are to the far left of my own political and social beliefs. Your photographic "odyssey" at the Meadowlands Power Center was at best lightly amusing. Although I too have noticed the impossibility of walking from box-to-box at the Meadowlands--you identified the reason for this your self when you noted that the complex was designed for motorists, and motorists only. Seems to me you have other options when it comes to spending your retail-time. Instead of slagging a retail center that doesn't fit your needs--you ought to simply spend your time and money somewhere more pedestrian-friendly. The high-density urban environment has a future--a bright one, but it will have to co-exist with suburbs and power centers and SUVs.

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