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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted July 01, 2010 at 11:31:40

The first casualty of war is truth.

If Michelle is right then its like a hockey game where the losing side starts taking out their frustrations in illegal ways. Unfortunately the only referee is an after the fact judge, sorta like league officials up in their box looking at replay tapes, but too delayed to change the play.

All's well that ends well - most folks were quickly let go. Dave Vassey was exercising his right - to make a point. I was thinking of looking after some business in the area in which case, I would have just done what they asked me to do to avoid arrest.

So we had a mini war, a skirmish: globalists vs the people, the leftie people anyway. But given that cars were burned, windows smashed, and who know what might have happened if the fence had been breached, most folks will sympathize with a 'little white lie', a ruse to keep the fence intact. After all, its only a cheesy fence - mobs have dismantled similar fences.

Confusion, agent provocateurs are standard fare. If you want to play, you gotta expect such and keep your cool.

This discussion is good and necessary since our rights are being trampled, but I'm far more concerned about other more insidious tramplings. Habeas corpus gone (USA, don't know about Canada) undoing a thousand year protection. Have a look at the Constitution this Canada Day and note it abrogates our rights when a treaty is involved -- then dig out what the Copenhagen Climate treaty would have done. Google what Monsanto is doing to farmers over GMO foods. Etc.

I'm also more concerned about the money, the Billion $. Too much. I got the feeling, looking at the crowds of cops milling around that the whole thing was a stimulus package sent out to Harper's boyz in the form of overtime. Dribbling pools of budget into cop's coffers for ever fancier hardware. Enjoy paying your taxes this Canada Day. I filled up last night.

The problem with this debate, albeit needed, is that the proper fix is akin to the demilitarized zone between N & S Korea. A double fence. Properly defined in law next time. More money.

Q How come taxpayers always get screwed? A Because they never react, other than a little hissing.


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