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By The man wins (anonymous) | Posted July 01, 2010 at 13:11:50

So the media and the authorities have been saying this was gonna happen for months.

It did.

The police cars are bait cars that were placed there to be destroyed

And they did.

Hundreds of people are going to get arrested.

They did.

There will be lawsuits and legal fights and inquirys.

They are going to happen.

Store fronts and private property is going to be destroyed.

It did.

So if all of these things were going to happen and the protestors compiled with every prediction... who wins?

The police get massive funds for overtime and equipment.

The glazers and public works people get paid for repairs and ot.

The weapons manufacturers get fat contracts for gear.

The lawyers and crown attorneys get cases for years that taxpayers and the people arrested will have to pay for.

The politicians and corporations successfully divert all attention from the issues what the cops did and what the protestors did.

They people arrested will have to take a day(s) off work to go to court and get "in the system".

Btw when you go to court look around and take note and see who in the court room is getting paid. Not you. The police, judges, lawyers, clerks, reporters are all going to be feeding from the trough.

So who wins?

Did the legitimate issues get debated?

Did the politicians address these issues?

Did the protestors justify the predictions tactics of the state?

Did the protestors do exactly what was expected of them?

One last thought.

Imagine if all the protests were peaceful and you had a $1bil security plan that did nothing.

Now that would be a scandal.

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