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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted July 01, 2010 at 23:42:28

Bob Innes: Clearly, you see things from the right, I am from the left, so how do we gain consensus, that things are not healthly from any stretch of the imagination.

Do I really feel sorry for some small business guy who has bought into the corporate franchise lie. No I do not, I would rather spend what little money I have on a small business that stands on its own morals.

There are many who post here who have already sold their souls, they lambast and put down the poor, those who lost their jobs. The middle class morons who post things like the poor is poor because the smoke crack or cigarettes but that is a lie.

Where are the voices to call these liars out, oh yes no where,

Then we have the CHRISTIAN FASCISTS, who deem everyone who is poor as being people who have never been taught to cook or buy food, then advocate that people can live on 12.50 per week per individual. Why do you not shut these people down.

Please, Ryan, tell me why you allow these assh*les to post their bull sh?t.

Sorry Ryan but you have a responsiblity to ensure that what people post is real, why do allow for creeps to post their bull sh?t.

You have given me warnings yet when people swear at me, call me names, I see no warning from you like you gave me.

You must abide by a double standard. Coward!!!!

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