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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted July 03, 2010 at 03:51:06

Well Said Grassroots!!!

Things that really bothered me about this;
McGuinty says, "No apology" after arresting/detaining 900 people, after admitting that he screwed up. Police Chief Blair enforced a law that was not a law, even though he had a copy of what was to be enforced since June 2nd.

Neither McGuinty nor Blair have provided an explanation about how 'Nobody Inside' became 'Nobody Outside' & why that 5 meter rule was just 'made up'. They need to do this Now!

People were still being physically harrassed, searched, tackled, & interrogated on the street by police on MONDAY morning! (individuals who were not part of any demonstration, who were just going about there business.) The law "that did not exist' was rescinded on Sunday @ 5 p.m. We need to know why this was going on.

Why were people left stranded @ Union Station, mid week (Tuesday) with their luggage & kids, without any notice? If the 'not really a law' wasn't, there was no reason to close all of Front St off, esp, 4 days before the Summit. Why were these people herded 5 blocks away to Lakeshore Blvd., an 8 lane urban expressway to get a cab? That's unsafe & unacceptable!

Why was the entire TTC + Go service shut down without notice? If police wanted everyone to leave the area & go home ( retail workers, shoppers, hospital staff, tourists, protesters, etc etc..) why did they prevent them from doing do? Police did not direct people away from demonstrations, nor did they direct them to safe places to get a taxi or make arrangements to be picked up? (Most people in Toronto, even visitors use the TTC to get around town all the time.)

Why close all the local liquor outlets on Tuesday? As The Star said, "Anarchists! Quick, hide the Merlot!"

A designated demonstration area was allotted @ the N. Queen's Park lawn. A peaceful protest was broken up there by police. Why?

During that demonstration several journalists with accreditation were arrested for doing nothing except their jobs. A CTV news co-ordinator was arrested walking in front of his media van. Several more journalists were dragged from the crowd both at Queen's Park & at other locations.

Anybody know how much money it costs to get a few large military helicopters up & flying -for a week? Many complaints from people living in & near the perimeter concerned big choppers flying low, night & day from Monday to the close of the Summit. These things shook people's homes, windows, china in cabinets & pictures on the wall. They repeatedly woke people up at all hours of the night. Their lights were very bright, & people worried about them crashing into high rises. In the end these things did not provide adequate surveillance.(The vandals/Black Bloc/ police plants -however you want to see it, got in, & did the damage & got out without being apprehended at the time.)

People downtown got very angry with the constant disruption to daily lives, sleep, constant questioning, & over-kill police presence. This insanity went on with increased intensity for an entire week. Residents were very angry about his kind of intimidation by the weekend, it showed. The 'My Streets, My City' chant was what that was about.
IMHO-They were Absolutely Right!

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