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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted July 06, 2010 at 12:23:11

Well, Mr State, you're certainly following in the great right tradition I've always leaned toward. Having supported Harris, Mulroney and Mayor Mel, it has taken me many years to understand how my confidence in them was misplaced, despite their having done things I voted for. As you noted, it was largely about the money, but there are other factors too such as why the 407 was given a 99 year gift instead of say a single generation of immutable responsibility, how their developer friends benefited, etc. The devil is in the details and in allowing your bias/philosophy to override those details, you would make the same mistake as they. But the world has come to where the stakes are far higher, despite that you claim fiscal rectitude.

Did those police cars belong to the police? No. They belong to the taxpayers in Toronto; and it is we who were attacked by their wanton destruction.

Are you kidding? A few hundred thousand $, at most a million or two vs .... ONE BILLION, irrevocably taxed at the point of the almost-only-legal gun-force from hapless taxpayers at the last minute? How much notice did we receive of this expenditure? Taxpayers were attacked alright.

When you say "it is individuals in government who lead the fleecing of the public", well everyone is against corruption, so corruption is not the problem. Deficit spending is indeed a problem, but only relatively minor. It is fixable. Whenever Canadians chose to understand that public debts are future taxes. Now whole governments are looking for a way to offload their responsibilities while maintaining the power, glory, and income they skin from we the people. Downloading broken, now they look to "upload". They are willing to become dupes of whatever international order looks good and willing to do whatever it takes, disregarding our traditional values in the process. Canada has such an inferiority complex, it would sell it soul to curry international favour. That billion$ would have been better spent on finding a way to allow proper dialog between protesters and the bigwigs, but of course, bigwigs don't want to hear from the plebes. And Mark Carney will bask in his new international status.

Then you fall for the old chestnut.....

"having the G20 here was a huge gift to the city in terms of publicity. Managed well by the new city government looking forward, that publicity will create income Toronto desperately needs. In that sense, it was a cloud with a solid gold lining."

We all know where the gold lining went ..... into the details. But I doubt we will ever really know the details. They are fragmented into a multitude of microscopic budgets, too boring to bother with. King Gordius himself couldn't untie the knot! I know the game. But the old chestnut, - all that badly needed income. Umm. Exactly what income is that? Besides the boozing and schmoozing that must have gone on, or did we pay for that too? Or do you think that when the province pays for PanAm parties, that balances the books? Humbug. Hamilton's falling for the same balderdash.

What we will never be told is whether or not the police cars were bait. Or whether there were agent provocateurs. You really expect them to admit to such a manipulation of the media to the media?

Finally, I believe your words might come back to bite you

There is no room for sympathy regarding those behaviours in my philosophy of governance. Moreover, they infuriate me. Hence, my own truculence..... In my mind, better to round up a big bunch of people that includes the perpetrators than to let them get away with their unlawful behaviour, then separate the good guys from the bad guys knowing that at the very least, you've got some of them in custody right along with quite possibly some pretty good eye witnesses.

Reminds me of a guy with a funny mustache. What was his name?

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