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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted July 06, 2010 at 15:09:23

Ouch, nobrainer. Guilty as charged - and grateful for your lesson on a name new to me! I'd go into some background on my mental logic but don't want to exacerbate my error, which I hope Mark State will forgive. I'd probably listen to his candidacy (hey, its on the right!) but some of his stuff alarms me and hope he doesn't mean it quite so strongly as it comes across.

Responding to your thought about my conservatism, and keeping in mind Grassroot's searing question:

Bob Innes: Clearly, you see things from the right, I am from the left, so how do we gain consensus, that things are not healthly from any stretch of the imagination?

Exactly. How to bridge the gap? Not sure, but I suspect it must be a new party, perhaps along the lines of the provincialistic Wild Rose Party??? We trade away our nationhood (by means of too many treaties, corporate moneylicking, etc.) at great peril. I've had conversations along these lines. Idle ones so far. My only suggestion at this point is a name - Fed Up Canadians - United. Do you like the slogan its acronym suggests?!!! Any takers???


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