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By stormysky_dw (registered) - website | Posted July 06, 2010 at 20:18:07

What a wasted opportunity. I really wish someone would have the stones to stick up to these guys. I'm a lifelong football fan, but if they want the stadium in a stupid area, then they can pay for it without any government assistance. Wait until the provincial funding for this project dries up since it's not a city-building venture and the city will be stuck picking up the remaining tab.

Seriously, who do these guys think they are? How sweet of a deal can they ask for when a non-hockey Canadian sports team is not only getting funding from they city they are located in but other levels of government as well.

I say let them try to take the team somewhere else...good luck finding as sweet of a deal as we're offering in a market that makes any semblance of sense.

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