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By Earl (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2010 at 06:43:02

There is no need for a stadium at west harbourfront, the land is too precious there and close to a lower income area in James St N where kids and families deserve more green space, they aren't trekking out to cottages like some more affluent people who live in the region.

As a season ticket holder for our Hamilton TigerCats, thank you Mr. Young for your contributions to this project and we want to keep the TigerCats in Hamilton at a site that makes sense to the team. By the same token, this will give an opportunity for the Mayor and council to move forward to remediate the Rheem site and adjacent brownfield and turn it into a green oasis for families to enjoy who not only live there who are in need of green space, as I say the lower income bracket. I trust that the Mayor and coucil will see that a stadium and parking lot in the west harbourfront is not the best way to serve this area.

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