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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2010 at 08:49:39

Earl, seriously?

"There is no need for a stadium at west harbourfront, the land is too precious there and close to a lower income area in James St N where kids and families deserve more green space, they aren't trekking out to cottages like some more affluent people who live in the region."

The land is too "precious" Is this the blighted former industrial land that is so "precious" to you? That former Rheem plant looks like a freakin war zone. What are you doing to preserve this precious brown space for future generations? Because there's no way the lower income families are enjoying that Rheem plant right now.

As for the fact it's a lower income area and "kids and families deserve more green space" I have to say I'm shocked that you don't the nearby waterfront parklands sufficient green space. What about hte fact that kids and families down there deserve walking access to entertainment and sports facilities? As you've properly pointed out they can't afford to "trek" out to the Red Hill/QEW to see games like some more affluent people who can well afford to drive to downtown Hamilton and pay to park at one of our many fine parking lots.

Congrats to the spec for actually stating that Bob Young's 74 million figure is partly smoke and mirrors. I question a lot of these numbers. 5 million to try and land a soccer team? So if he spends the 5 million on consultants reports prepared by his friends who say it's not worth bringing a team to Hamilton, is he off the hook? What was it, 14 million to bring the Grey Cup to Hamilton ASAP? Again, what exactly does that entail?

I don't see how Bob Young can claim that he'll help promote the downtown and waterfront seeing as how it's an incredibly long drive out to his stadium from the downtown. There is virtually no possibility he'll get anyone to attend downtown on game days and then drive out to the stadium.

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