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By kevin (registered) | Posted July 07, 2010 at 08:59:20

The east mountain is worse than no stadium. I'll never go to a Ticat game as long as Young is involved. A CFL team is NOT a business investment, it's a toy for a rich dude. Bob, if your plaything is too expensive, sell it and buy a hot air balloon or a cigarette boat or an SUV. Let them become the Mississauga Tiger Cats.

If the stadium goes to the east end, everyone will have to drive. I guess the powers that be haven't heard of the oil spill, or the war in Iraq, or peak oil, or global warming.

This is from wikipedia on Ottawa's arena:

Although widely acknowledged as a well-designed arena, it has been criticized in the years since construction for being difficult to reach. It is located in the far west-end of Ottawa, in the former city of Kanata, which puts it at a fair distance from some parts of the National Capital Region, especially from the east-end of Ottawa or from the Outaouais region. Difficulties are compounded by frequent traffic congestion at game time along the Queensway (417) highway, Palladium Drive and Terry Fox Drive. Another problem is the isolation of the arena from many restaurants and bars, which makes it difficult for celebrations to continue naturally after the game as in many other more centrally located arenas.

And a hockey team has 40 - 45 games in a season and they draw bigger crowds. This thing is already a white elephant.

Don't build it at all!

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