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By Greg (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2010 at 12:26:52

I disagree out of the two sites the Redhill is better and I definitely would NOT want to lose the Pan Am Stadium.

Yes I know that everyone will disagree with me here and provide plenty of links about why its a bad idea but thats fine because this is my opinion like it or not.

I, like Billy Kelly, am glad because I want to see us have a stadium, keep the tiger-cats, and not be known as a City with a dysfunctional council (at least more than they already are). We can complain about the fact that now we have to drive there but people have to drive to Ivor Wynne and the Harbour; we live in a big city you can't expect to bike or walk everywhere. Why not use this as a good case to pressure local politicians to get there but ingear to increase our public transit?

Bob Young is putting out the cost to run the stadium and shelling out money to bring 2 Grey Cups to Hamilton. Aside from that he's looking into getting a soccer team for the stadium. More money that stays in Hamilton. What I don't want is to use the harbour and then get the guy from Edmonton running it, how awful would that be?

If our council screws this up and we get stripped of the Pan Am Games realize that no one is going to throw Hamilton another bone. They'll see us as a city that can't get its act together. We will never have a chance for a hockey team or another large event like this again.

If we make this just about Urban vs Suburban than we've missed the point and its another bike vs car debate.

PS. I live in an urban area of Hamilton.

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