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By Seriouslyjadednow (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2010 at 17:31:25

This just in.

Rumour has it that the Tiger Cats, buoyed by the selection of the East Mountain site for the Pan Am stadium, have secured a deal for the exclusive naming rights of the stadium.

Insiders are refusing to confirm the news but a confidential contact well placed inside the Tiger Cats organization reports that Tim Horton's have successfully negotiated a ten-year deal for the opportunity to advertise at the high traffic location, near the intersection of the Red Hill Valley/Lincoln Alexander Parkway.

Pan Am officials, while also refusing to confirm what is "still a confidential business arrangement at this point in time", did provide a reference to another insider "who may be able to confirm details about the facility itself."

The insider, who works at a large Toronto architectural Design/Build firm and "can't comment on the record because I need this job", confirmed that his firm has the leading proposal in a competition to determine who will design and build the sprawling sports complex. While he said "even we don't know who will get the naming rights" he added "we have been asked to provide a 'palette', facing the two highways, which will present the sponsor's name prominently to all those passing by the facility. "All I can tell you is that we've been instructed to make room for a wordmark extending to seven or eight characters on each highway-facing facet of the structure. And that it is a company involved in the rapidly expanding foodservice sector."

An outsider not connected with the deal but who works at another Toronto Design/Build group said he also could not confirm who the naming sponsor would be but that his own firm was asked to, and submitted, a design proposal for a circular multi-function facility with integrated indoor parking that was to be known informally as 'The Cup'. Rigid design criteria for the facility were to be followed by each of the participants. The bowl was stipulated to be in the shape a cone with the bottom cut off.

Pressed for more information, the source, whose firm is no longer in the running for the contract, ventured that "it's almost certainly Tim Horton's but some people in the office think it is William's, the much smaller competitor to Tim Horton's. I can't say for sure, but to me the stadium is unmistakably in the shape of a giant coffee cup and I believe that we designed the world's first drive-in multi-function sports stadium. The facility has ramps wrapping around all levels that are wide enough to drive a car to any level of the arena. Following the game, after the cars have exited, the ramps will usher the remaining spectators out of the building in the usual way."

Ti-Cats management remained cagey and promised to "provide comment as soon as the ink dries on the various deals that we're still negotiating."

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