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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted July 07, 2010 at 18:58:55

This is what I wrote to my councillors. A trifle dramatic... but it's been a long day :)

Dear councillors,

Please, don't let me be disappointed in you - think long-term and think of the whole city in planning this stadium.

Please don't capitulate to Mr. Young's demands on location and the money committed if it's at that location. Please understand the much larger role this stadium plays..

Please, think strategically and understand how cities work, and understand that Hamilton must, must, must function as a city, not a suburb, if we want economic growth... and putting the stadium at the periphery of the city is not only outdated urban planning, it will not contribute to economic growth or destination clusters, it will not remediate a brownfield.

Certainly, neither location is perfect. But please do not make the mistake of putting the stadium on the east mountain.

Please, think long-term and make a decision that will do good for this city for more than a few years.

Please, understand that Hamilton as a city, and make a decision for the good of the city as a whole.

Please don't disappoint me -- I want to see you each do your jobs with the highest levels of integrity, care, forethought and long-term thinking - not put the stadium in the easier location without understanding the implications of that decision.

And I want to be able to stay here.. sometimes it seems like all Hamilton cares about is growth at its periphery, and the utter devaluing of the urban experience is appalling compared the other cities I've lived in. It's shameful... and this stadium could help turn some of that around - along with a whole lot of other things.

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