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By fastcars (registered) | Posted April 27, 2006 at 08:45:14

You got me Jason, I did read it as a light-hearted piece, but felt (as usual) compelled to drop my two pennies into the fountain. I applaud RTH for the very point you made in your above comment--as someone of fairly solid right-wing stripe, RTH is one of the few "alternative media" outlets where I've felt truly comfortable and welcome. I am an ex-pat, but I care deeply for Hamilton and want only the best for the entire city and region--as all of us here do. As for the Meadowlands--it's a massively successful development--but even a big dirty capitalist zealout like me can admit one thing--the physical layout of that development is bizarre, even as power centers go--it defies both geography and logic. Alas--it works. You may have discussed this previous to my arrival here--but what is your take (and everyone else's) on so-called "lifestyle centers" that is, power centers built to be more urban in scale. Near us, in the Metro Detroit area there are several examples--interestingly, some are hugely successful, and other have been complete failures.

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