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By Dianne (anonymous) | Posted July 17, 2010 at 20:19:30

big guy

The stadium would not cost 100 million to renovate. Maybe 20 to 30 but it is already in the area it should be in. Don't forget just because they say it will cost 150 million to build excludes the cost of the roads that will have to be enlarged to hold the traffic. That will cost millions on its own. You don't have to do that where Ivor Wynne stands today. It works where it is. Not to mention they are planning on spending 150 million on a stadium that will be used how much??? not very much at all. PanAM??? really? I saw the headline in the paper stating it was "The Toronto PanAM Games" yet we have to pay? Hamilton gets no mention!!! Toronto should build a new stadium then. That is why this stadium talk is occuring, because of PanAm. They claim it will be used for other things besides football but they can do all the same things at Ivor Wynne now and they don't. Having said that, the numbers between a renovation and a brand new stadium do not even compare. They should use 30 million for renovation and put the rest towards infrastructure.

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