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By Pigskin PPP (anonymous) | Posted July 18, 2010 at 09:10:55

Findings from 2003's IWS Structural and Bleacher Load-Testing Reports:

1. All slabs in the south and east-stands tested were showing signs of cracking but were found to be safe for public use. However, the recommendation was that they should be replaced within ten years.

2. All of the stairwells of the south, east and north-stands that were load-tested (6 of 18 were tested), supported the test loads without showing signs of failure. The conclusion was that the stairwells were currently safe for public use. However, they should be replaced within ten years.

3. The steel structure, which supports the pre-cast concrete slabs in the south, north and east-stands, was found to be structurally sound but that the protective coating needs to be maintained.

4. Yearly visual inspections of the south and east-stands should be done to check for new cracks and to remove any loose pieces.

5. None of the stairwells are in conformance to present day Ontario Building Code, and therefore, should be upgraded to meet current regulations.

6. Removal and replacement of the seating slabs in the south-stands can only be done from the east and north sides, since access from the north is restricted by the artificial turf and access from the south side is prohibited by the height of the stands. This will require a carefully planned removal strategy to protect the artificial turf.

7. Removal and replacement of seating slabs in the east-stands can easily be performed from Balsam Avenue, thereby having no impact on the turf.

8. The estimated cost to do the repairs is $9.35 million in 2004 prices, for seating slabs
and stairways of south and east-stands and stairways only in the north-stands. This cost would not include the removal and replacement of seats. Installation of new seats is estimated at $4 to $5 million bringing the total estimated costs of all repairs to approximately $14 million.


Adjusted for inflation, it's about $16 million.

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