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By oopsie (anonymous) | Posted July 18, 2010 at 15:40:16

Is it all about class war?

Is it that anti-Starbucks people oppose the middle class buying a cup of $3 coffee at Starbucks from a middle-class kid with a BA in Critical Theory making $14 an hour, but support the pro-pollution anti-gay unionized industrial labour workforce buying $1 Tim's coffee from a 55-year-old woman making minimum wage who has to slave away on her feet for 9 hours a day serving crappy tippers and abusive steelworkers while being yelled at by a grade-12 dropout manager?

Tim's is just as good at pressuring independents as Starbucks... in fact, more so, because they have an underpaid shabbily-treated workforce to produce goods for far cheaper.

Independents can can compete easily by being original, different, slower-paced and less "trendy". Serve to the people who don't want to be hustled in and out, who don't want to sit at uncomfortable plastic tables, and who don't need to hold a cup with a logo on it to compensate for a lack of identity, and you can do quite well.

As for anyone who hates Starbucks... try deflecting just a little of your attention towards Tim Horton's. It's one horrible company to work for, and it's one of Hamilton's worst litter producers.

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