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By GetGoing (anonymous) | Posted July 20, 2010 at 14:03:24

@highwater. I believe, though I could be wrong, that Daniel was referring to the clearly identifiable position Jason has on the AEGD, Aerotropolis, land around the airport, whatever you want to call it. He was not referring to what Jason called it.

The Guelph Civic League was founded on basis representing the values of the voters, and then set about publishing how councillors had voted in relation to those values, and how campaign platforms (incumbents and challengers) aligned with those values.

Jason clearly shows he's against the Aerotropolis and implies correctly or incorrectly, the HCL supports that position. If they don't have a position, on this, or any other topic or candidate, then they should demand a clarification that Jason doesn't speak on their behalf.

Unfortunately, based on what I've seen and heard the HCL does have opinions and positions, or at least their leaders do and have put those opinions forward at HCL meetings. Its my belief, this call for 100+ volunteers will fall far short, as I know first hand that many talk the talk, but the vast majority can't or more likely won't walk the talk.

It can take years to recruit that number of volunteers, train the volunteers, canvas neighbourhoods, collect data, analyze data, compile the data into a list, align that data with incumbent voting records, align it with candidate platforms, and then communicate it effectively to all of Hamilton. With less than 100 days to Election Day I would suggest that people should seek the candidates they believe can bring change to Hamilton and throw their volunteer support behind those candidates.

Sorry, but IMHO less than 100 days does not provide enough time for a grassroots organization.

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