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By kourt (anonymous) | Posted July 22, 2010 at 20:55:28

Wow! Fantastic work Graham and UrbanRenaissance stated earlier, Tourism Hamilton could certainly learn from your fine example.

The undeniable winds of change are in the air...we in Hamilton will certainly loose our share of battles in the coming years as we continue our rebirth, but there's no going back now...too much critical mass of positive things happening by the great people in our communities with vision, passion and pride. That said, we do not want to loose this particular battle - this one's just too important.

It's absolutely evident to me now more than ever that we need a new team of qualified / strong / influential / visionary / passionate / diverse city leaders that can "work together" to move this city forward into our next phases of regeneration and growth over the next few years. Any city leader that supports the East Mountain must go...they either don't get it, or they don't have the courage to do the right thing when we need them the most...either way they must go.

As for the ti-cats...what can you say. Sad old school thinking...they think a stadium-by-the-highway is the only way to go no matter how many experts in urban planning and sports marketing tell us otherwise. Perhaps they should be more focused on drawing fans into their stadium by putting a winning team on the field.

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