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By sselway (registered) | Posted July 26, 2010 at 16:26:10

The video is great. My only suggestion is to ADD the photo of the 25,000 seat stadium, ADD the photo of the future parking lots (you KNOW it won't stay at 600), ADD the photo of the traffic jam on July 1 and make it a NO WEST HARBOUR STADIUM.

Herman Turkstra is correct that a Citizen's Advisory Group participated in a study of that area with planners etc, but Setting Sail went through a whole public process and was adopted by the city in 2005. Setting Sail has wide community support.

Setting Sail commits to STRENGTHENING the existing neighbourhood. You are playing with OUR future. Stick with the plan: 1. enhance the character of the neighbourhood. 2. Clean up contaminated sites (just because we don't want a stadium there doesn't mean it shouldn't get a clean up. AND by the way, where are the facts? What does the environmental assessment say? Why is it confidential? "Everyone knows" is an opinion not a fact.) 3. Compatible development (intensification) 4. Landscaping and amenities 5 open spaces and parkland (What you really are doing is bringing "suburbia" type development TO our downtown neighbourhood.)

Bringing people to the downtown, intensification, will be what "rejuvenates" the downtown. Business follows people who LIVE here. What business will thrive on visitors 8 times per year? A Hotel? Hah! I have an historic hotel for you. . . .

A West Harbour Stadium is a BIG mistake.

Contact: Friends of the West Harbour at

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