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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted July 26, 2010 at 17:00:41


"The traffic jam on July 1st"?

I thought that was the day where all of the citizens of Hamilton were invited to enjoy their waterfront amenities and celebrate the founding of Canada. You know, the waterfront they all paid to create. Our lives indeed. The fact that so many of them participate does, I understand, cause some challenges for the surrounding neighbourhood. On that day. And on other days when citizens enjoy their harbour.

As for the west harbour stadium site, which is in another neighbourhood entirely, one could review the Setting Sail intensification goals as almost suburban in their scope. Lots of detached houses, townhouses, some 3-4 storey buildings, and a couple or three taller buildings is not my idea of urban intensification. All this so long as there are no shadows nor any impact on the current breezes! I have read the plan. Housing around the Meadowlands almost meets this brief. Personally, I'm thinking of something more urban (dare I say urbane) than what some people have in mind. And no, I'm not thinking of St. Jamestown in Toronto. St. Lawrence Market area anyone?

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