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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 27, 2010 at 11:43:29

Awesome story Ben. I like how you have talked about stadiums from a few different countries. I would love an honest account of experiences you have had at the current home of the Tiger-Cats (Ivor Wynne).

Then, factor in that it would only cost $16M to repair/upgrade it, and perhaps tear down Scott Park school and create even more parking. Does this change your statement from my initial question?

There is a quote on the Go East Mountain site that talks of an NFL executive constantly thinking about how to compete with a big screen HDTV, versus getting fans out to the games. Does the fact the IWS is amongst a community, and the proposed WH location offers a similar community feel, bring something to the table that many stadiums don't offer. A good, very positive something?

I have been to quite a few stadiums myself, and I would say IW and Fenway are two of my favorites. Both their history, and the surrounding stadium experience. Fenway is something we should certainly be targeting with regards to the before and after game experience. Plus it's no more than a $10 cab ride to surrounding hotels and downtown.

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