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By Ben (anonymous) | Posted July 27, 2010 at 15:26:22

"I would love an honest account of experiences you have had at the current home of the Tiger-Cats (Ivor Wynne)."

My pleasure! I went to IW only one time several years ago. This, even though I lived in Hamilton for 6 years, 4 1/2 of those in the east end. Somehow I never seemed to be able to get to a game (it probably didn't help that I don't really watch North American 'football' ...).

I really enjoyed the experience.

I remember seeing kids and grannies selling parking spots on their lawns and thinking, 'Only in Hamilton' :)
My work friend told me he had 'Executive seats' so I was excited to have a VIP experience. Turned out they were just regular wooden seats in the only corner of the stadium which didn't have any cheerleaders to look at (this was very disappointing...! ).

I remember my friend blocking my view all the time buying beers and popcorn and jumping for all the free T-Shirts and miniature footballs being thrown into the crowd. The man was nearly 50. It was a sad sight to see...

The game itself was OK. I remember that Hamilton lost it with about 3 minutes to go. Their drive to the End Zone went astray. Then, no more than 10 seconds after the fatal fumble, City TV's Rick The Temp comes on the pitch and starts playing, 'throw the ball in the clown's mouth' or some such stupid game. I was thinking, "What the F...? We just lost the game, and now this idiot's trying to get us to cheer for Tina from Burlington so she can win a slice of pizza...? What is wrong with these people!!"

As for the IW location, it worked fine for me. It reminded me of a lot of English football stadium locales, right in the heart of a residential district. The problem I would have if I was a regular is that there are not a lot of after game options in the immediate vicinity. I need a couple of good pubs nearby, and, unless I'm missing something, there doesn't appear to be any. One reason WH appeals to me - and I would certainly check it out if it were built - is that there is stuff to do nearby. I might take my kids so they could go down to the lake. I'd take the missus or friends so we could head up James. It wouldn't just be about going to the event. And of course, I could mingle with the other fans on the street, as opposed to zig zagging through a car-park. To me the going to the game and leaving the game, part of the experience is paramount. You walk through the local streets, past landmarks. It's your city, your event. The stadium, the city, the event, they are all part of the city's history.

I didn't have time to write about the Michael Jackson concert at Roundhay Park, Leeds. Ayresome Park in Middlesborough, St James' Park Newcastle, Roker Park, many cities, so many stadiums!

@Michelle - It sounds like we have the same writing challenges! The first draft is always a breeze, but then it's edit edit edit. I remember writing a 2 page peice for The Spec which took almost 2 months to craft. No wonder most writers are broke.

Thanks for the comments!


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