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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted July 29, 2010 at 17:25:02

"How much money as AEG, Katz and WhiteStar shown? Nothing as yet. The TigerCats are the only ones putting up some money and yet anyone who says anything positive about the TigerCats on this site gets voted down. Unreal. Yes, the city has the right to determine the final site, they are putting the most money into it. But they can vote anyway they choose come Aug. 10. They actually might like the fact some private investment has been offered for one of the 2 sites the facilitator offered."

Actually, AEG, Katz and White Star have offered to pay for the construction of a stadium with a retractable roof on the West Harbour, and all they're asking the city, province, and federal government to pay is what they would had planned to pay all along, $110 million total over the three levels of government. The consortium would pay the rest. I consider that money.

It just happened yesterday, but honestly, that's a day earlier than the ti-cat proposal!

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