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By brian (registered) | Posted July 29, 2010 at 17:30:51

The more news that i hear coming from the Ticats, the less i repect owner Bob Young. To force all this basically at the last moment and to come up with another last minute plan within a few weeks of a decision is the last straw. 1.3 million is lost every year operating the current stadium (ticats paying a whole 2500-3000 per game). Who are the Ticats to dictate to a city that a amphitheatre should be built, this late in the game?. The track and field events are gone because of all this ....why weren't the Ticats arguing across a table a year ago regarding location?. We are getting the soccer...but the finals will be played at BMO field....what is the point..why are we bothering at all??.The Ticats are giving 15 million towards this where is the rest of the app 35 million to make it a 25,000 stadium..where is this money?. It's bad enough that 100's of millons is going to be spent on the Pan Am games that nobody watches or even cares about but all this going on is a big joke. The Ticats have been a poor product on the field for years and recently they have been showing how poor a product they are off the field.

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