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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted August 01, 2010 at 08:11:16

The route in question is a far better cycling route. Longwood and Main are all frighteningly busy, and it isn't easy to get to or from their bike lanes (and Main's is currently under construction). It connects a residential neighbourhood directly to another, it's actually a much shorter route (if you look at the city from above), and from there, you can get anywhere downtown without riding more than a block on a major street. Plus with the radial trail from the top of the golf course, you can get to scenic drive or Ancaster with very little climbing effort. I take the bridge often, but it's hell on my tires.

As for the homes, I can only have so much sympathy for people who bought houses there. They're quite new, and everybody knew full well it was a park, golf course, and a bike route. It's like people who choose to live next to Hess Village then get upset about the noise (such as a certain high-end condo tower which always hassles the Doors Pub). Or people who move to the suburbs on the very edge of town and then complain about farmers (who've been there for decades) driving their tractors on the road. Why would you choose to live somewhere without putting thought into it?

And how on Earth is a bike trail going to do anything to make a train yard any worse? I live near Bayfront, so I know the situation well, and believe me, you don't even notice the bikes.

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