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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted August 04, 2010 at 13:13:59

"If putting such a facility in a residential community was good for nearby businesses, Ivor Wynne would be a great place and Barton & King Streets East would be booming."

This speaks to Ryan's point about a stadium not being 'ideal' for the location (if I'm interpreting Ryan's point correctly...). However, comparing the WH location to IW is not fair. Although they are both residential the similarities end there. IW has limited access and not many other amenities. WH has lots of other features which will encourage folks to stick around before and after the event and enjoy the city and spend money. I would prefer to see a more functional facility built there - something that would 'fit' more with the surroundings and get more use, but there's nothing else being proposed or likely to be proposed so we have to look at this for what it is and ask: can we make it work?

The reality is that if Hamilton misses this opportunity it is unlikley that any other use for the site will be proposed, the brownfields will remain and the downtown will continue to decline.

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