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By Kiely (registered) | Posted August 09, 2010 at 12:53:11

Maybe we should ask Larry DiIanni. Oh that's right, somebody already did, but he's running on a platform of "leadership" so wouldn't take a position. Lead on Larry! - realfreeenterpriser

I watched Larry DiIanni on CHCH get served up a bunch of softball questions that basically allowed him to spew uncontested nonsense (you know, typical "hard hitting" MSM fair). I got motion sickness just watching Larry spin this issue to suit his agenda.

This city has no lack of political opportunists willing to lie, cheat and frequently change their stripes to keep their heads above water. I was at the rally on Saturday and saw how Bob Bratina sure changed his mind PDQ when he saw the ground swell of West Harbour support. He may have changed his shirt for the rally but his website still has the proof of his, shall we say, "non-support" for a West Harbour location. A tip for Bob Bratina - next time you may want to change your website to match your shirt.

Some will say Bob Bratina has made a wise and informed reversal of opinion but I'm a little too cynical to believe that. Politicians change their minds when votes are at stake, that is it.

None of Bob Young's little football empire is possible without massive and constant public funding. For him to "take his ball and go home" on a team which requires perpetual life support is an empty and pointless threat. The only thing he'd leave with was the rights for a franchise at all. If that's what being a CFL city means, then good riddance. - Undustrial

Hear, hear, Undustrial!!!

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