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By brian (registered) | Posted August 09, 2010 at 16:49:08

They guy has done nothing but run the team into the ground. Since hes owned them they have won at most 30-35% of their games. From 2004-2008 they were in last place each year and have played some the ugliest football in history. The problem isnt a stadium or location..its the product on the field. In that 4 year stretch they had a record of 15-57, absolutely disgusting but he wants to blame the city?. The cost of a stadium and other cost at the east mountain could be over 200 million and he wants to come up with maybe 10% of that...and its still the mayors fault?..what planet does these guys come from. Why should we subsidize anyone that way?...Did the city give stelco/dofasco 60 million dollars? help save something more important..thousands of jobs..of course they didn't. They have very little financial impact for the city..which is a big myth for most sports teams as it is

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