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By brian (registered) | Posted August 09, 2010 at 18:32:14

D,knox...The real reason the track events were pulled were because the ticats dont want a track in the stadium and want the close to the action feel you get at the current stadium. So because of that..we get the soccer games (minus the finals) that goes to toronto....also the ticats had the suggestion of the velodrome turned into some some fitness center (which wouldn't be possible because the velodrome is to be permanent). Nobody is saying if this would have been a grass field (which are more expsensive but far better suited to soccer but alot more to upkeep).Of course that doesn't matter to the ticats in all of this. The also think they can take a large portion of a empty field opposite of where the east mountain stadium and put a 7,000 space parking lot for 9 games a yr at the cost of multi-millions (when you could put something real in there and generate millions over the yrs in taxes). He wants a 2nd rate soccer team than may attract 4,000 fans per game (the league average). He basically provides very little economic impact to the city and wants 100% of the say of where 100 million plus (of taxes payers money should go) and i will argue to anyone why he should have all the say.

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