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By Hunter (anonymous) | Posted August 09, 2010 at 20:02:07

He drops out the day before the vote? What a p_ssy, seriously. You'd get the crap beaten out of you in training camp if you acted like that.

If he wanted Confed Park from day one why not just go ahead and say that on day one and begin discussions? Planning to con the city and the pan-am organizers with a bait and switch is simply a stupid idea.

I've never been more proud of council and the city. The cats try to blame the mayor solely but as we've seen many times council will ignore him when it wants to. This is broad-based support for the harbour and opposition to the mountain and council has the good sense to reflect that.

My favourite place to be bar none is in the south stands of Ivor Wynne but even I think no team is better than this kind of crap. Threatening to leave Hamilton will of course backfire. I think people are realizing there's more to the city than football, and higher priorities. It's time to grow up and move on. Put down the ball and raise the hammer.

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