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By waterboy (anonymous) | Posted August 10, 2010 at 01:32:55

Geez guys!

...although by nature the successful enterpreneur is by nature a risk taker Bob is being painted pretty badly. I hope this does not adversly affect his future endeavours because he has done other good and chartiable things for Hamilton and elswhere.

But lets not forget the other Ti-Cat people behind closed doors hammering out lobbying strategies, and marketing and advertising plans. They all contributed to a singular direction (some say vision)complete with blinders they willingly put on. The stuff they put out to bully and intimidate is a lesson in ruthless self serving business interests. And a lesson for those who caved, despite the better longterm vision.

As it turns out they were willing to skip town anyhow - or at least thougt they would. But they won't. A little internal shakeup and repositioning and voila - a new franchise, repackaged and rebadged. Buyer be ware.

Bob, willing or not, motivated by being one of the smartest guys in the room (Enron anaolgy here) must have found himself at some point trapped in a collective ideology, grasping at straws and spouting rhetoric to perpetuate a `win - win' at any cost atitude. His words or a mashup of others?

Did the Ti Cat upper managment alienate themselves from fans and the the public. How demotivating it must be for the players themselves. Somehow management will save face and revitalise the team.

For the moment I will still catch a game but only for the guys on the gridiron. They are the athletes from which this whole tradgedy unfolded and affects. Bob still has money.

This ought to be a case study at McMasters DeGroot and biz schools everwhere.

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