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By Duke (anonymous) | Posted August 10, 2010 at 05:04:50

So doomsday is steadily aproaching Hamilton.. For those who aren't updated here's a clue WH location is not viable sorry I know alot of hurts feelings.. why? No access, no visibility, no parking, no road accibility, nothing! it will be another Ivor Wynne and in 10 years from now will be losing money and bleeding it which only the city of Hamilton will buy till they realize they have none!!!!

But lets get rid of my so called biased opinion and see the facts.. Bob Young and the tigercats will NOT play at WH which means no funding from government or future fund cause there is no LEGACY so this site should be scrapped..Yes I want this are of Hamilton cleaned up to but building a stadium is not the answer, Hamiltons own coucillors thought of the setting sail plan years ago!!

Ok so there the facts for the WH it wont happen without a Legacy, so now we go to EM site where Bob young offered tons of money and an alternative plan for the WH front and yes a SOCCER team!! wow what a deal no?? Well fact: Due to recent events he has pulled all that out.. Now I never have liked the EM site.. I know shocking, but with all the things offered and looking at the facts I put my support on it..

Now here we are today looking at doomsday and neither site is an option!!! Yes neither.. So whats left well my favorite site and the one the ticats wanted and the city scrapped for no reason except they didnt think it was as economic viable.. Ok so Fact: Without the tigercats you cannot have the pan am games or stadium. I talked to alot of ticat fans and when I mention Confederation, most agree its viable it has visibility by the QEW, access, a stunning view of the hammer and on clear days toronto, beach development maybe some bars.. But the only FACT that matter is the Tigercats want it there and people from Hamilton should be pressuring council to make this happen cause at the CURRENT moment this is the only option that Mr. Young is appeased with..

Finally Id like to add my own opinion on Mr. Young, I feel he has been shut out by the city.. Was he late with his appeal of the WH? Maybe but he has poured more money and interest into making the Tigercats an actual franchise and ensuring they remain solid for many years not just ten to twelve.. He's lost 30 million, bought a score board, attends games, taken a real hit publically and invested in statistical numbers, experts and support.. Really how many people would risk that? Yes the team hasn't faired well but there'd be no team without him and true fans support a team through the darkest times and this is ours...

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