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By ex hamiltonian (anonymous) | Posted August 10, 2010 at 17:49:47

I have to side with Bob Young here. Without him, there would be no team. And for those who think this letter is a personal attack on themselves and the downtown really need to chill and think about this. Today's (or tomorrow's) decision at city hall will have profound repercussions for the city and any future prospective sports franchises.

Confederation Park should be the location. Why it wasn't considered is a telling insight of Hamilton's management. City hall is a frustrating mess and has been for quite some time. It's partly the reason why I fled the core to the burbs years ago. The location considerations should be quite simple- where does the team have the best chance for success? Talk of lost parking revenue from front lawns to "the greedy Tiger Cats" is absurd. This is the 21 century people. A Park here $10 sign is not indicative of a first class sporting venue.

Also using this opportunity as means to clean up the toxic mess in the West Harbour is also absurd. While I don't know of one person who wouldn't like to see years unabated industrial pollution cleaned up, it should not be the responsibility of a sports franchise owner. Even if the Ontario government kicks in extra, do not use Tiger Cats as a means to clean up other companies mess. Is it not enough that Young has tried his best to revive the Cats?

And as for the "vision" of turning around the core. Young is not turning his back on Hamilton. His vision after all, has filled the stands once again. To say he is holding the city hostage is ridiculous. People of Hamilton, from an ex-Hamiltonian- you expect too much and too easily pass blame. The Tiger Cats cannot be the saviour of your city. The problems are years bad decisions coming from City Hall. And they are about to make another bad one.

You should be thanking Bob Young for reviving the Cats. And, if Hamilton had truly any vision, be celebrating a new stadium with good visibility, adequate parking and a beautiful location down by the lake. The city has already spend money to turn the beachfront into a gem. Why not add to it?

Some are talking about a hockey and or soccer team in the city. What kind of example does this send to other prospective club owners? Be thankful hamilton for what Young has done and at the same time pull your head out of your arse.

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