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By Duncan O'Dell (anonymous) | Posted August 10, 2010 at 18:07:15

UPDATE: the appeal against the trail was held on August 4th and 6th in Stoney Creek Municipal centre. However, due to the volume of evidence, the appeal overran it's two alloted days. Two extra days have been chosen: September 13th and 17th. This means you can still make your voice heard on this issue. Please sign the petition and send it around your friends.

Given that the decision on the appeal by the hearing officer will most likely not be made before October, it is unlikely the trail will be built this year even if it given the green light. The long wait for this trail therefore continues. Unfortunately, this state of affairs plays into the hands of those against the trail since it increases the chance the city will cancel it. The money for the trail is "old money" (it was approved in 2007) and the City of Hamilton can't afford to have earmarked money sitting around unspent forever. Your support for the trail on any forum (e.g. by lobbying councillors such as Brian McHattie of Ward 1) can therefore still make a big difference.

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