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By jason (registered) | Posted August 10, 2010 at 18:51:35

I have to side with Bob Young here. Without him, there would be no team.

Actually, it was the citizens of Hamilton who snapped up season tickets and saved this team long before Bob Young came along. You all may recall that great day when we almost reached our season ticket goal and then Fortinos came along and snapped up the final tickets to save our team. Hamilton has shown up and saved this team when it's been at risk. Being one of the worst teams in the CFL for the past 35 years sure isn't helping our cause, but the Cats had no reports, no financial statements, no study to show us how the West Harbour would hurt them and how the EM would help them.
Clearly those documents don't exist or they would have produced them. That means this has all been political, and backroom politics have no business hijacking a public project with public money.

I would have listened with ears wide open had Bob Young held a press conference 3 months ago sharing some very alarming and detailed studies. Instead, we read quotes from him about how he would "make any site work".

This trump card of leaving town could have held some serious weight had we not already known that they were just making stuff up and were playing political games and most likely being played by politicians at all levels of government.

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