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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 10, 2010 at 22:59:47

There's a wonderful breeze blowing across Hamilton tonight. It is fresh and new and coming from a different direction. For once, the talk of elections past coalesced into action today and great hope for tomorrow.

I hope that the significant majority vote of Council will send a clear message to Hostco and the provincial and federal governments that the people, through their democratically elected representatives, have spoken loudly and clearly.

Credit must go to Mayor Fred Eisenberger for taking a position and having a very fractious council line up behind it. He stared down all the last minute threats and bully tactics from the likes of Scott Mitchell and Bob Young and their well-heeled cronies and continued to do what he thought was best for our City.

As for Mitchell and Young, it's time to do the honourable thing; either make the West Harbour work or let the Tiger-Cats go to someone who will. If they're truly as unprofitable as they say they've got nothing to lose.

Make no mistake, Brad Clark's absence is strategic. Don't forget, he's the Harrisite who bashed every social assistance recipient he could but doesn't seem to have a problem spending $50-$80 million of public money when it's Bob Young on the dole.

Savour this moment, they don't come very often. Then tomorrow, email the Tiger-Cats and tell them you want season's tickets the moment they move to the West Harbour.

Well done Hamilton Council, well done Hamilton, well done RTH.

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