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By brian (registered) | Posted August 11, 2010 at 01:46:47

Im glad they had the guts to do what they already decided to do months ago ..course people forget that. This ron foxcroft character is a real over the top clown... He thinks most of the alderman are idiots because of this...and of course his suggestion is confederation that is idiotic. You don't put a stadium like that in a park...they are parks for a reason!..not to fill it with a stadium and parking. He thinks it would be wonderful thing for people to come across the skyway bridge and go to that stadium..with that view of all the smokestacks??? he really serious?. Just so bob young...can maybe make a few hundred hundred grand a yr off naming rights to a stadium?. All those same people who go by there...thats all they see of hamilton and they cant stand it....and a big reason they dont come here...does he need a slide rule to figure this out??. What makes bob young any more important than the hundreds of people/businesses that go bankrupt..people that lose everything ..including their homes. They lose everything and probably have just as much heart as bob young has..what cause its a sport its different?. The worst thing that may happen to bob young is that he may have to cancel a trip to florida...thousands of people in hamilton cant even afford to go to a game. When bob young first suggested the aldershot side of hamilton...i knew that he didnt want the team in lower hamilton. They want to drive the people who are barely affording going to games out of the equation and the people from outside of hamilton into it. The idea of building a 7000 space parking area was also insane. It was just a simple ploy to add money to the cost of the game without reflecting it in ticket prices, it was just another way to rip off people in hamilton. He wants to put up so little percantage of the cost but have all the benifits on the tax payers dollar and enough is enough.

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