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By CaptainKirk (anonymous) | Posted August 11, 2010 at 02:01:56

If the Tiger-Cats reach an agreemnet to play at WH, then all of us WH supporters owe it to them, to ourselves, and to our city, to step up, support the team, buy tickets, promote the Tiger-Cats and launch a campaign here and on Our City, Our Future to make the Tiger-Cats as successfyul as possible.

This is what we wanted. This is what we believed will help make our downtown a stonger and more vibrant place.

Let's do our best to get people down here, expose them to this part of the city and encourage them to keep coming back!

We may believe that Bob Young was misinformed about the EM. Let's prove him wrong in the most positive and supportive way, because we all know how mcuh he has put into this city and how much he has lost doing so.

With or without WH, all Hamiltonians owe Bob Young a debt of gratitude for the money he has invested in our city, all the money he was willing to lose for our future, and all the tremendous community work the Tiger-Cats do.

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