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By synxer (registered) | Posted August 11, 2010 at 10:01:21


"Ward 9 Councillor Brad Clark, who says he doesn't support west harbour if the site doesn't have a major tenant, left prior to the vote to attend the Michael Buble concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto."

WTF!? Is this The Onion reporting? Is this real???

"In Toronto tonight, at the ACC they are laughing at Hamilton," Clark wrote in an e-mail to The Spectator. "Everyone HERE agrees the stadium will now go to York University."

Hi. You're a Hamilton councillor. Why the hell are you, a Hamilton councillor, at a Michael Buble concert in Toronto while an extremely important vote is taking place? And why are you involved in anti-Hamilton sentiments. Shouldn't you be standing up for the city? Maybe explain both ends of the argument?

"Clark says his wife purchased the tickets to celebrate his 50th birthday."

Oh. I see. Congrats on your birthday. But I feel that when you've become an elected official, your constituents assume you might represent their important opinions regardless of personal plans or birthdays. Especially when it comes to an issue of this magnitude. Even if you don't care about stadiums and football teams, surely you care about where your constituents tax dollars are being spent? Sigh. I guess not. Tell Buble Hamilton said "Hi". Maybe he'll play at our new West Harbour stadium.

I hope the residents of Ward 9 are watching.

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