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By slodrive (registered) | Posted August 11, 2010 at 11:14:30

Totally agree with Captain Kirk. We, the supporters of downtown renewal and a West Harbour stadium, MUST see this through. That means putting our money where out mouths are. If we want investment in our neighbourhoods, than we must invest in these businesses.

I hope everyone sends an email of support to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. And, like Kirk says, let them know that you'll committ to patronizing their business in the West Harbour.

While the people at the top, notably Scott Mitchell, have proven to be 'of questionable fabric', everyone I've dealt with there has been unbelievably friendly and completely committed to customer service.

My Account Executive there is Alex Indelicato -- a great guy. His email is
(And I sure hope he isn't bummed about me posting this here!! LOL! It is public though!)

I just think that, quickly, we have to become a pretty united front on this and restor the goodwill and partnership that we have had with the Ticats up until Friday. We need to show them that their 'driveway to driveway' advisors have lead them astray and that a great opportunity for everyone lies at the West Harbour.

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