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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted August 11, 2010 at 14:37:58

Thought I'd share the text of a Letter the Editor I sent t the Spec this morning. Not sure it will be printed.

Both Brad Clark and I had our birthday's yesterday. I turned 56. He turned 50.

Rather than stay to do the job he was elected and is paid to do and cast his vote in one of the most significant public debates this city has seen, Brad Clark chose to go to spend his birthday by going to a concert in Toronto. I spent my entire birthday, right until the vote was cast, sitting in Council Chambers. In fact, I took the time to make a deputation to Council, something I was neither elected nor paid to do.

Brad Clark chose to send correspondence to the Spectator last night, while I was still listening to Council debate the stadium location, saying the people he was hanging out with in Toronto were laughing at Hamilton. I chose to send this correspondence to the Spectator saying the people I was hanging out with last night were celebrating their city and the principled and prudent decision made by the vast majority of Councillors.

I had a great birthday watching democracy in action. I hope Brad had a good birthday breaking out the BubleĀ“.

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