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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted August 11, 2010 at 17:06:17

I overheard Mercanti talking to CH outside the council chamber, and then talking to a small group of businessmen including the chamber of commerce, and he continually prodded at West Harbour supporters, accusing them of being bums with no jobs and nothing better to do than show up at city hall during business hours.

He claimed that the reason that there were fewer EM supporters at the meeting (and in general leading up to the vote) is because "everyday working, taxpaying citizens support the EM" and they were all too busy working and paying taxes to bother showing up anywhere to support the stadium.

I am sorry PJ, but you are a weasel. Lucky for you, daddy lets you run your little business out in the boonies. Sorry that the TRUE taxpaying citizens decided NOT to subsidize your banquet hall and hotel by throwing their hard earned dollars at you.

What a load of crap.

I have three jobs. THREE. None of which were handed to me on a platter. I have put MY money where my heart is and opened a business in the retail heart of our city. As if that is not enough work, I have a computer consulting business that I started from scratch at age twenty. And to round it off I work part time at a mid-level position at a post secondary school - a position I earned through my experience gained from being employed continuously since age twelve when I delivered papers.

On top of all of this, I am renovating my house in downtown Hamilton with my own two hands in order to show pride in my home and neighbourhood, and build equity and value not only for myself but for my friends and neighbours nearby.

I still made time to support the harbour stadium, both online and in person.

I am a West Harbour supporter because I am a Hamilton supporter.

I will be damned if my hard work in this city is undermined by your money-grubbing leeching tactics.

Stay on the fringes. We don't need any more charity cases downtown.

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