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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted August 11, 2010 at 21:56:00


Thats my point. This city is so much more than the Tiger Cats and steel mills. Bob Young tried to leverage the city's emotional ties to the team to gain the keys to a $100 million plus facility for ten years. The problem is civic pride doesn't pave roads, build schools, or grow the tax base. The Tiger Cats need Hamilton more than Hamilton needs the Tiger Cats. They have a sweet heart deal at Ivor Wynne and likely would garner another at WH. Ottawa seems to have done fine without a foot ball team. But don't worry they aren't going anywhere. Where are they going to play?

Today it was Burlington. Please. No stadium, no money for a stadium and a tax base of 165000. Do you think the taxpayers of Burlington are going to hand out cash every time the TiCats stick their hand out? Ah No.

Quebec City? Have you google mapped Laval's stadium. 10000 seats and parking for about 20 cars. Again no money for a stadium and and a tax base more hungry for hockey than CFL football.

Moncton? Nope

Bob Young's, Marc Cohon's and the rest of the CFL's problem is that Southern Ontario is their most important market and for some reason the Tiger Cats are their best draw on TSN. This team isn't going anywhere. They are under lease until the end of next year and don't be suprised if the team is sold well before then.

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