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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted August 11, 2010 at 23:38:16

Did anyone see this?

Some great quotes:

Young told Toronto radio station the Fan 590 that he is not interested in reopening talks with Mayor Fred Eisenberger and city officials regarding where a new stadium should be built.

Uh - those talks are OVER. The talks now are, do you want to get on board for a new sweetheart deal at a new stadium or what?

Young was asked directly if he had received offers from other Canadian cities to move his club. His answer: “Don’t I wish.”

So I guess he wasn't bluffing after all then!

Outside of the eight cities in the CFL, no other Canadian municipality currently features a stadium large enough to accommodate a professional football team, and Young said he has not received any offers from cities that may be interested in luring his team away from Hamilton.

“I don’t know what happens next, to be honest,” he said.

And here I thought there was a line up of cities drooling over Bob's winning team!

CFL commissioner Mark Cohon said any talk of relocating the franchise is premature, even though the Pan-Am Games organizing committee has expressed a desire to move forward quickly.

“Remember, we have almost five years to build this stadium, so there’s still a lot of time here to work through this,”

Hey Mark - YOU brought up moving the franchise. THAT'S why everyone is talking about it.

But hey, they are willing to work through this after all. What great guys!

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