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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted August 11, 2010 at 23:47:37

No one would argue with Foxcroft's admission that he's confused. Acknowledging a problem, even when you're a consumate windbag, is the first step in seeking help. Just look at what he says:

"There is a side of city council that us lifer Hamiltonians call "the dark side",

First of all, 12 out of 16 could hardly be called a "side" and doesn't a "lifer Hamiltonian" actually have to live in Hamilton?

"They don't get it."

What, exactly, is it, Ron, that they don't get? You never seem to be able to get past that vacuous statement. We're all waiting.

"They don't see it."

It seems to me that they just waged a successful campaign based on the premise that they COULD see it

"They get re-elected in their little wards, and in their little wards the way they get re-elected is they don't spend money"

Didn't they just vote to spend millions of dollars, albeit not on your friends?

"they don't have vision, they put a stop to everything progressive"

So paving a greenfield slated to be tax-generating employment land and turning it into a 6000 car parking lot would be the result of a progressive vision? Exactly how? You need a new clairvoyant.

Of course, all of this is coming out now because Foxcroft, not unlike Young before him, is trying to leverage the City to his own advantage and desperately wants Confederation Park on the table so as to increase the value of HIS adjacent land at the cost of OUR downtown. He's obviously taken a page out of the Mercanti/Carmen's playbook.

How about an election in Ward 5; Chad Collins, who doesn't want to pave over Confederation Park versus Foxcroft, who does? Let the people decide who's got the "progressive vision". My money's on Collins.

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