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By kathyh (registered) | Posted August 12, 2010 at 01:43:40

H&H Excellent letter. I too sat the whole day in the council chamber and because I was not a presenter I could not leave and re enter until the breaks were called, so from 9am until 2 45 I stayed in my seat and raced over to J square to grab a coffee { no coffee shop yet in the city Hall.} I was back in my seat at 3 10 and remained there until 8 30 pm. I was proud to be a Hamiltonian and respect and admire the speakers and presenters{ apart from two} they spoke from their hearts and with great passion. Brad Clark is a disgrace and I certainly hope that his constituents give him the boot in the fall. How can he call himself a Hamilton Booster? I hope the Spec prints your letter.

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